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  • Hey, real nice car. I have one very similar, it sits exactly the same. I think it has dropped spindles. The only problem is when I drive it the front end bottoms out constantly. It actually feels like the shocks are worn out, but I put new KYB's & it didn't change a thing. How does yours feel? Thanks for any help you can offer. Alan 856-305-3758
    Hey Lee,
    Did you end up selling your Rosewood T? If you still have it, how much are you asking for it?
    hey cruzn what part of california are you from?....i am interested ....i am located in san lorenzo....if you come down in price a little bit and give me time to sell mine i think we can work something out....i had no plans of selling mine but i always wanted a gnx...let me know..thanks
    Thanx bud. It was heartbreaking to part with it especially after all the time and money and aggrivation that went into it. But family matters caused me to part with it. There will be others I guess just not like that one. Thanx again
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