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  • Brett I would like to speak to you regarding your motor for some advice... please contact me or pm your personal number if you could so we can speak if your willing... thanks sam
    hey brett,, your im box is full , but man,,wow wow wow, the car i saw really disappointed me, for 19.5 as you say, he was out of his mind too, will never get close to that or would I have ever bought it, it had the cottons stuff he said, showed me the 7k bill for all the mods, but man, the car was like driving a beat 25 yr old car.. the carpet worn through, orig paint scratched and faded, it did fly, but was too beat for me, so patience is what i will have to go with.

    this is a couple of links to my Marauder, I need the GN to be as clean as this, but i know it is 17 yrs, younger, so it will be tough for sure....

    Trilogy 212 - Forums
    New Pics Trilogy 212 - Forums

    If you see anything come up that looks good, give me a pm so I can check it out, either on the site or wherever, ok.. thanks Brett..
    I spoke with you a while back when you were sick (hope all is well now) about the car you bought that Otto had...anyway a few years ago I bought this `87 off the board and now also have the Black `98 Twin Turbo Vette you saw that I threw up for sale on the site a while back, somehow the post was deleted... anyway this is the link to the `87. I installed a GNX style dash, other than that it`s basically the same as it was when I bought it. I`ve seen the care you take with your cars and thought you may be interested. I`ve had a guy telling me he wants it for the past year or so and he was going to give me $14K for it. As of now he`s waiting for his tax return. I`m sure you`ve heard stories like that before.
    One of the two should go, can`t drive both cars, I`d take $45K for the Vette, 1200 HP at the wheels, with A/C, I drove it up from Florida!
    Hey Brett..saw Joe's car up Otto's. 4000 to finish the car plus there is a fuel problem that needs to be re$olved. Detonation fried a piston. Offered 16 to Joe then 17 but he wants 18. Back to the hunt. Chuck
    I want to commend you on a beautiful car, 1st class all around!
    that is how a turbo buick should be built,
    what you aren't hearing is what is said off the board, Harold is well known for his
    attitude, and rude comments, and you guessed it, were not what you would call "buddies" he is smart about tuning buicks, and can make em run!
    based on his past care of his GN,I'd say this one will get alot of care and affection
    again. Very nice car!
    i know you have heard this before but i wish you could keep this car and stay in the buick community. this is a super nice car i hope one day i will have my car this nice.
    "It's a good thing I didn't see this b4 I bought my 71. Wow, that thing is sweet. Killer price to. What a beast! What's that thing rated at? 1250+hp I would think."

    Hey Brett, this turbo would be sweet with your combo. Easy low 9s...........I got first dibs on your 71HPS turbo if you decide to upgrade to this one. lol :D

    CT Turbo Buick get together


    Oct 3rd at Pat's Auto care in East windsor CT at 1pm. All Turbo Buick powered cars are welcome as well as muscle and show cars. Cookout and refreshments along with giveaways and maybe a raffle of some sort. If we get a great turnout we will make this a yearly thing. If you are interested in possibly donating something (doesn't have to be buick related)please let me know. I will be donating something related to welding supplies and methanol. Mark from TRcustomparts will be offering something as always(thanks to a great guy and vendor)and Miguel is working on Jack Cotton for a giveaway item. Miguel of Pats Auto will be donating some sort of service(buffing/detail) pm me for questions,AJ
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