air intake

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    Stock engine parts/turbo/intercooler/convs./chips/etc.

    Hi all, havent been very active for years. Time to clean a corner in my basement out and fund other projects! Most stock parts 130k easy highway miles. I will post some pictures at the bottom. Stock turbo crank: std/std never molested, im no machinest but my dad babied the car and it looks...
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    MAF Install Coming up short

    Started to install a new LS MAF in my '87. Had been running TinMan Air intake to the stock MAF and a hard tube to the turbo. When I put on the new adapters and new MAF I come up short. The Stock MAF is 5 1/4" long and the new LS is 3 3/4 long. The adapters are a different lengths also. I have...