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Apr 18, 2007
Hi all, havent been very active for years. Time to clean a corner in my basement out and fund other projects! Most stock parts 130k easy highway miles. I will post some pictures at the bottom.

Stock turbo crank: std/std never molested, im no machinest but my dad babied the car and it looks good, may just need polish

8445 heads: would recommend valve job to freshen up, has new valvesprings(main spring with dampner spring inside), retainers and keepers. Guess 100-120#

Stock D5 conv.

Red stripe converter 2400-2600 stall(10k miles if that)

Stock pistons and rods(plenty of carbon on tops)

Stock turbo(very minimal shaft play) has HD actuator on it, also have stock wastegate and turbo elbow if needed.

Stock intercooler, i do have the lower bracket if needed

Stock flexplate

Stock fuel pressure regulator

Stock valve covers(I have chrome breathers that fit them as well as stock fill tube)

Stock Turbo shield

Racetronix 37# injectors(light blue stripe) with matching chip TurboTweak 5.6 93oct/20-18 timing/16-17psi

TurboTweak chip 5.6 60# w/ ALky 23/21 timing 23-25psi 206/206 roller, mild ported heads

Stock intake housing(upper and lower lid, inlet duct and k&n drop in filter)

There are a few other parts laying around, make offers if you want any. All prices are before shipping, I use Paypal, and feel free to ask any questions or make offers. Located in Maryland, zip 21171.
Thank you for looking!

red str.jpg
turbo inlet.jpg
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