1. J

    Stock engine parts/turbo/intercooler/convs./chips/etc.

    Hi all, havent been very active for years. Time to clean a corner in my basement out and fund other projects! Most stock parts 130k easy highway miles. I will post some pictures at the bottom. Stock turbo crank: std/std never molested, im no machinest but my dad babied the car and it looks...
  2. gn87man

    Balancer (TA - Internal & External - SFI Approved) and Flexplate (Internal Balanced - SFI Approved)

    The following parts are brand new. I changed my setup to an externally balanced system after ordering these parts. Harmonic Balancer w/ Trigger Wheel (For internally or externally balanced setups) - SFI Approved - TA Brand ---> $270 + shipping (SOLD) Flex Plate (For internally balanced...

    New, never used CAT SFI FLEXPLATE.

    Been sitting in my garage for 4 years. Built GN1 stroker motor which is also where I got this flywheel and went with JW flywheel instead due to peer pressure from friends, lol. Anyway, they go for $169 at GN1 so how about $100 plus the ride? Tired of looking at it in my garage.