1. J

    Hydroboost Conversion Questions

    Hey All, I'm about to start a Hydroboost Conversion on my 1987 GN and am looking for any of your opinions or suggestions on things I might have missed. I've worked my way through a lot of threads and posts, many 5, 10, or more years old and with outdated info, missing pics, and other issues...
  2. jshot

    PM Rebuilt, Still pedal will hit the floor

    Very Frustrated Just bought this 87 GN with PM.When i first got it wouldn't stop worth a darn. would stop but not enough for an emergency stop. So i rebuilt the PM with the Kirban Kit and a new Accumulator and new brass Proportioning valve. Bench bled, Gravity bled, then 2 person beed. Also...
  3. B

    Combo Valve fitting sizes??

    Went four wheel disc and haven't had luck with the couple combo valves I've bought so want to simplify. Would love to just tee the front and add a basic prop valve for the rear, but getting conflicting information on the what the fitting sizes are at the combo valve. These are the most common...