1. TheYak

    Brake pedal return spring

    Hello, I'm looking for the correct brake pedal return spring for our cars. Does anyone have one that they're willing to part with for a fair price? Thanks!
  2. J

    Hydroboost Conversion Questions

    Hey All, I'm about to start a Hydroboost Conversion on my 1987 GN and am looking for any of your opinions or suggestions on things I might have missed. I've worked my way through a lot of threads and posts, many 5, 10, or more years old and with outdated info, missing pics, and other issues...
  3. 87Limitedwo2

    Vacuum Brake Conversion/Kit

    This is a vacuum brake kit I removed from my White car. Was on the car when I bought it and working fine. I converted back to the PowerMaster. Has the Booster, Master Cylinder, Vacuum hose and valve, correct Brake Pedal for Vacuum Brakes. I do not have the vacuum block for the top of the...
  4. J

    Powermaster break problems

    Well, ive been having some problems with my 1987 buick grand national powermaster brake system, as many people do, and I have been looking everywhere for similar problems, but I finally caved and decided to ask someone here. So, whenever I turn the ignition on, the motor pump doesnt stop...
  5. D

    FS wilwood front brakes

    Used set of wilwood front brakes, part #140-1033, good condition, went to strange brakes for rear so figured i would sell these and get strange for front. $450 obo Can text pictures... best to call or text 586-260-8280
  6. H

    Brake issue with a 87 T-type WE4 car

    Whenever I start the car the brake light is on and the brakes are hard to push and do not work very well. Once I either drive it really slow around the block everything seems to be just fine. With the occasional brake light flickering but the brakes seem just fine.. Possible vacuum line issue...
  7. K

    Vacuum brakes is this normal?

    Hi guys, I just converted to a vacuum brake system and I'm wondering if its normal to hear a pressurized air escaping noise when I depress the pedal? :confused: Edit: The air sound is very similar to that of an old bike tire pump. Like, psssshhhh. You can only hear it during the travel of the...
  8. M

    Vacuum brake setup

    $100 & Free shipping. Bought this from a member here, decided to go the hydro route.
  9. D

    Used Power Master for sale

    I converted my 87 turbo- t to vacuum and now I have the power master gathering dust. The accumulator does not come with it, it fell off of the shelf and split. I'm wanting to get atleast $425obo. I'm not to sure of the condition, i only had the car for 1 week before the conversion. I do know...
  10. M


    Has anybody used the hydroboost kit offered by Gbodyparts? What master cylinder did you use? Any feedback on the system would be appreciated.