Brake issue with a 87 T-type WE4 car


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Whenever I start the car the brake light is on and the brakes are hard to push and do not work very well. Once I either drive it really slow around the block everything seems to be just fine. With the occasional brake light flickering but the brakes seem just fine.. Possible vacuum line issue?? I can't hear any however I was in the Audio business for 15+ years so my hearing isn't too great.

Maybe something a lot more expensive?


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No vac line on a 87T, if the system is original.
The pedal issue can be the Powermaster accumulator failing. Not a cheap system to replace.
Once it totally fails, you best have a lot of space to stop.
Do a search... Lots of threads on the topic.
Stating the obvious here but I'd park the car until you sort this out. The brake light flickering is the car telling you something needs attention and eventual brake failure is coming your way. Assuming you still have the factory Powermaster Brake system, there is a sticky with diagnostic information in the 'Brakes, Suspensions, Tires & Wheels' section. If you decide to take it to a local mechanic chances are he won't know what he's looking at or have a clue how to fix it besides throwing parts at it. Most just end up converting to vacuum or hydroboost.