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    Going Crazy....NEW video live on the channel.

    Well, I'm starting to going stir crazy stuck at home. I MUST GET OUT!!!! I had to pull the Buick out and go for a ride. It was an overcast day, but not enough to stop my solo cruise. Roaming about I decided to check out my local Dragstrip. Needless to say I had it all to myself! It was sad...
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    HOT ROD Drag Week Atco Dragway Day 3 - Part 1 featuring Lisa Fischer

    Join me as we head to Hot Rod Drag Week 2019, Day 3 at Atco Raceway in NJ. At this amazing event we got to see so many cool cars and meet tons of awesome people including Lisa Fischer and her low nine second Turbo T WE4. From seeing low 6, 7, and 8 second cars to experiencing the energy in the...
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    Brake issue with a 87 T-type WE4 car

    Whenever I start the car the brake light is on and the brakes are hard to push and do not work very well. Once I either drive it really slow around the block everything seems to be just fine. With the occasional brake light flickering but the brakes seem just fine.. Possible vacuum line issue...