1. 8

    1987 turbo t engine problem

    I have a 1987 TURBO T Im not getting no spark or injecter pulse. i put 3 new crank sensors new coil new modcule new spark plug wires new computer box new chip 60 pound injectors new fuel pump. Fuel pump pressure 44 im Getting power to the module crank sensor and cam sensor getting pow to the...
  2. I

    .0015 Oil Pump Gaskets from Earl Brown -

    I would like to buy two. I have not yet understood how to PM him?
  3. T

    inconsistent surge. hard to pinpoint the problem.

    hey guys ive been having a real hard time pinpointing the source of a bad and inconsistent surge/missfire on my 87 ttype project. ive replaced plugs and wires, replaced the Ignition module, and coil pack just incase it had to do with ignition ( which i dont think it is ). replaced the fuel...
  4. W

    1987 Turbo Regal for sale in DFW area

    See “cars for sale” section for full info. https://turbobuick.com/threads/ca-car-titled-1987-buick-t-type-for-sale-in-dfw-texas-22-000-77k-miles-blue-exterior-with-blue-interior.459220/ Looking to see if anyone in DFW or surrounding states is looking for a clean turbo regal. 77,000 maybe...
  5. W

    CA Car/ Titled 1987 Buick T-Type For Sale in DFW Texas - $22,000. 77k miles. Blue exterior with blue interior

    For sale: Mileage around 77K, Location Dallas, TX. Price: $22,000 OBO CA title 1987 Buick T-Type. T-top car. All glass is good. Runs and drives perfect. Passes CA emissions no problem. No smoke. CA title car that was brought to TX may 2017 in covered carrier and garaged. Rust free. 3rd owner...
  6. C

    '87 GN pseudo-roller with all the upgrades for sale

    Hi all - I have my '87 GN for sale with Dale Cherry (Injection Connection) engine and cosmetic (interior/rims/etc.) upgrades. It is for sale with a clean and clear title, but was bounced off a median by my father ~5 years ago and it has been sitting in the garage ever since (and never saw salt...
  7. N

    Northern Illinois 87 Grand National inspection

    I was planning on purchasing a Grand National that is located in Northern Illinois. I am nowhere near a professional when it comes to these cars, so I was wondering if there was anyone who knows about these that would meet me and assist with an inspection of the car to make sure it runs and...
  8. H

    Brake issue with a 87 T-type WE4 car

    Whenever I start the car the brake light is on and the brakes are hard to push and do not work very well. Once I either drive it really slow around the block everything seems to be just fine. With the occasional brake light flickering but the brakes seem just fine.. Possible vacuum line issue...
  9. Wrath

    87 Grand National, First car

    Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm located just North of Dallas, TX. Buckle up I bought my 87 grand national sight-unseen on eBay back in august of 2015 and have been lurking these forums since then (my join date). I drove it a couple days for the first week I owned it, added less than 15...
  10. E

    1987 Grand National "Entire" Cruise Control Wanted

    Hi folks - 1987 Grand National "Entire" Cruise Control Wanted I just bought a Cruise Control Stalk thinking the parts would all be under the hood - Ooops! Gotta love this hobby! So please contact me here if you have the entire cruise control package for sale. Many thanks! Elmo2015