'87 GN pseudo-roller with all the upgrades for sale


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Jan 26, 2018
Hi all - I have my '87 GN for sale with Dale Cherry (Injection Connection) engine and cosmetic (interior/rims/etc.) upgrades. It is for sale with a clean and clear title, but was bounced off a median by my father ~5 years ago and it has been sitting in the garage ever since (and never saw salt or street parking - total trailer queen). He has since passed away, and all his cars were left to me. I sourced all parts needed to get it back together, but now don't have the time or space to get it in shape. I have not turned the engine over since it was put away - the accident did not affect it to my knowledge, but I am not willing to try now without a full going over (hence "pseudo-roller"). 45,916 miles original miles on the odometer.

Car is sold as-is and is located in Middletown, NY. I would also be willing to sell the car with all parts less engine and trans if someone else would like a different type of project. $17,500 OBO for as-is set up or let's discuss another breakdown if interested less engine and trans.

Please DM for all particulars - as you can see there is also a full leather interior made to parallel the original velour. I have more high rez pictures I can share, please feel free to ask.

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May be interested. How much for it like it is or without drivetrain. Give me a call or text to Howard at 260-726-5214. Please reply!

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Yes a price would help. Roller or complete...
So is the whole passenger side wiped out?
Some more detailed pics of damage would be great... thanks Mike
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Forum police will be relocating this to the recycling bin if a price is not posted.post a high price with OBO. Refer to rule 2
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Sorry, I was away - price added, and additional photos below. I don't think the picture quality comes across well so let me know if I can point you to a more thorough picture album. The car is in a garage, so I can't get a shot of the entire side in one photo but like I said in the ad, I'm happy to set up time for serious buyers to come and take a look. There's clear gapping between the trunk lid and the rear quarter, and please note that while all side glass and windshield are fine, the rear broke out.

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Hi all - really looking to move this, and would be very interested in selling as a roller complete with all parts noted less engine and chassis if that is of interest. Price motivated - please reach out!

How much are you looking to get for roller

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