1. 8

    1987 Turbo-T

    T-type car 118,000 miles all original Runs good Rebuilt transmission Interior all done Tail pipe has a little hole Comes with Original rims Call for details no texts or emails please 908-907-3278 $12,000 or best offer Located in NEW JERSEY
  2. B

    Pump gas twin Turbo t type

  3. N

    BNIB Poly motot mounts

    I have never installed, still brand new packaging from Gbody Parts. I am currently in the hospital and need to make a few bucks. 225.00 shipped to US. My PayPal is
  4. H

    Brake issue with a 87 T-type WE4 car

    Whenever I start the car the brake light is on and the brakes are hard to push and do not work very well. Once I either drive it really slow around the block everything seems to be just fine. With the occasional brake light flickering but the brakes seem just fine.. Possible vacuum line issue...
  5. NyBlankets

    2003 Mercedes SL55

    Looking for a low mileage GN/T/TYPE or Trans AM turbo for trade. Valued at 23k. Car has a very clean black body, no dings on the body. Paint is nice and shiny, interior is very clean and dark gray. I would rate the body 8/10 and the interior 8/10. Car also has lojack and 52,xxx miles on the...