cold air

  1. phvrod

    How I resurrected my 85 Hot Air to a Custom modified Cold Air. Start to finish.

    Sooooo in 1990 I bought a 1985 GN with low miles from the original owner. I was like 21 so my insurance was crazy expensive considering I was only making $6.75 an hour. Over the years I had kept the car totally stock. Then around say 2000 I decided to do some modifications. I’m not one to...
  2. P

    3" MAF Pipe

    Great condition, 3" maf chrome pipe. Normal wear, $50 plus shipping, located in Phoenix, AZ area
  3. W

    1987 Turbo Regal for sale in DFW area

    See “cars for sale” section for full info. Looking to see if anyone in DFW or surrounding states is looking for a clean turbo regal. 77,000 maybe...