How I resurrected my 85 Hot Air to a Custom modified Cold Air. Start to finish.


Sooooo in 1990 I bought a 1985 GN with low miles from the original owner. I was like 21 so my insurance was crazy expensive considering I was only making $6.75 an hour.
Over the years I had kept the car totally stock. Then around say 2000 I decided to do some modifications. I’m not one to cut corners and have zero concerns about how to do things or think anything is too hard. Started buying some highly sought after parts put the car together and had a real nice sleeper. The Hot Air didn’t hold me back , I just kept at it and built what I felt was the GN I would keep forever. Over the years I also acquired and still own an 87 GN for my Drag car , a GNX as well as. 1989 TTA. Lots of interesting pics to follow. I have used Turbobuick forum so many times over the years and hope that this thread will help many in their hobby and vision for their ride !
This summer I will be resurrecting my favorite car ( but I must say the other 3 are my favorites as well and also modified OTHER than the GNX , shes a trailer queen )


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And here’s a picture from say 2010 right after I accidentally forgot to shift the lightning rods into 2nd gear at 7800 RPM. Parked ever since. You can kinda see the custom intake , turbo location and intercooler setup.


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