hot air

  1. 8

    No Start. No Spark after 86/87 ign upgrade.

    Hello, I recently bought an 84 T type and changed out the ignition coil and control module for an 86/87 model. Purchased the wiring harness from Casper’s and now my car won’t start. I checked fuel injector pulse with a noid and that is working just fine. I have power going to the by way of the...
  2. phvrod

    How I resurrected my 85 Hot Air to a Custom modified Cold Air. Start to finish.

    Sooooo in 1990 I bought a 1985 GN with low miles from the original owner. I was like 21 so my insurance was crazy expensive considering I was only making $6.75 an hour. Over the years I had kept the car totally stock. Then around say 2000 I decided to do some modifications. I’m not one to...
  3. S

    Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned

    Selling my 1984 Buick T-Type Blue metallic with blue two tone interior. Car has been in the family since it left the showroom floor in Burlington, N.C. on August 28th, 1984. My grand mother purchased the car and drove it to and from the store for about 15 years. Total of 67k miles put on it...
  4. J

    Hot air turbo power with digital boost

    Replaced wastegate vac lines. Prior to replacing lines the digital boost was working but at times it would only show orange or only show red, or show red before orange which still does. Sorry I don’t know the technical terms. What could be causing this? There was some evidence of oil in the...
  5. J

    Diagnostic tool

    All stock 84 GN. I am trying to learn as much as I can about getting and keeping my car running smooth. What is still available that I can use without making significant modifications? Is there such thing as Diagnostic only vs. for tuning? I have had my car for 31 years and finally have...
  6. J

    Wastegate solenoid vac line

    I see the drawings here but need clarification. Two vac lines on the wg solenoid. I clearly see that one closest to fender goes to the Y near the 2 port wastegate. But does the other connect to a line coming from the vacuum block; a line that seems to have two or three lines and maybe going...
  7. S

    Hot Air Throttle Body

    Stock hot air throttle body with billet vacuum block, the butterfly functions properly and no damage. $55 shipped
  8. R

    1985 Hot air converted to Intercooled

    Does anyone have a list of the part to convert from hot air to intercooler? Thanks for everyones help.
  9. D

    NEED HELP...

    I know this may be a crazy question, but hear goes... I have a 85 grand national engine and trans ive put in my square body 89 s10... Now im doing wiring and everyone is telling me to get sum type of scan tool that i will be able to tune with.... Wanted to know what would be the best one to get...
  10. H

    Long block needed!

    i am looking for either a hot air or intercooled long block. All I need is the block, crank, rods and Pistons. Thanks! -harlie
  11. E

    A/C Does Not Blow Cold

    Currently my car is always blowing hot air on the inside but the lines are ice cold coming from the compressor. What could be causing this issue?