No Start. No Spark after 86/87 ign upgrade.


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Jul 13, 2023
Hello, I recently bought an 84 T type and changed out the ignition coil and control module for an 86/87 model. Purchased the wiring harness from Casper’s and now my car won’t start. I checked fuel injector pulse with a noid and that is working just fine. I have power going to the by way of the relay provided in the kit but do not get spark. I was looking around at the engine bay for possible broken or damaged wiring and I did find a black/orange wire not sure if it has to do with the ignition but the wire is cut and it’s coming from the bulkhead against the firewall. See photos. I’ve been through the no start tree and replaced the module and coil but I still don’t have spark.
Maybe these schematics will help if you don't already have them. (Hot Air)




I have an 85 w/ the same wire cut. I was told it is the hood light wire. The hood bulb is right above the wire.
Also, I did the same conversion w/ the same adapter & had problems. Is your cam sensor cap working properly? Those tend to die for some reason, it’s common. Casper’s sells a nice tool to check & help set the cam sensor cap.