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  • Hey, I am interested in your T type, mostly interested on the quality of the paint job and find out if it is road worthy to make it to Nebraska or if I would have to have it shipped. thanks
    Hi, I haven't actually went there an dlooked around, I just notice them there on the weekends when i go in to town. It's not spec. for Buicks but they usually seem to have aorund a dozen or more cars there. I don't remember if its fri or sat. best to just drive by in the evening and look or ask one of the cute girls on the Skates ;) when it is. Just curios how long you had your GN there was a guy in NW citrus who just sold his a few months back. Wondering if it was the one he had. He only had it a year or so and told me he didn;t like it b/c it was too complicated for him. he was more in to norm aspirated big motor muscle. to each his own i guess but nothing sounds better to me than a turbo spooling up. Any way t-type is in body shop right now hope to have it back sometime next month. It's like waiting for Christmas, LOL. take care and feel free to drop me a line if you need anything.
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