1. phvrod

    How I resurrected my 85 Hot Air to a Custom modified Cold Air. Start to finish.

    Sooooo in 1990 I bought a 1985 GN with low miles from the original owner. I was like 21 so my insurance was crazy expensive considering I was only making $6.75 an hour. Over the years I had kept the car totally stock. Then around say 2000 I decided to do some modifications. I’m not one to...
  2. N

    Parts and misc for sale

    1) Digital Dash - (column shifter) for parts $50 2) Digital Dash (intalled in car) $150 *Both are equipped with the upgraded chip by Casper electronics. 3) 84-85 Nose grill $50 4) Misc (rear bumber fillers) $10 5) Ash tray $10 6) Headlight Covers GNS $30 7) 81-83 Taillights $100 8) Quarter...
  3. I

    Need help please. 87 turbo limited

    Was bitten bye the bug years ago and unfortunately had to sell my GN. But I am finally getting back to it. I'm picking up my new to me 87 turbo regal limited coupe. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many of the 1035 made were white? Just curios. Thanks guys and look forward to good...
  4. dank GN

    Original GNX Boost gauge

    I won this at the raffle at the bates car show . It is a original Stewart Warner GNX boost gauge . they stop making these along time ago and are very rare and hard to find aswell . It is brand new in the package . I have no use for it and don't want to just look at it collecting dust on the...
  5. G

    GNX UNICORN #435 - Only 000018 Miles - Must SEE !!!

    This is NO typo this beautiful GNX #435 has never seen open road, still carries the dealer tag mounted on the rear plate. The original owner was smart enough to garage this baby way back in 1987 and keep her tucked away until now... This Buick GNX 435 is as rare as they come. Yes she is for...
  6. J

    Hi from West Michigan GNX 545

    Hello all.. I recently acquired GNX 545 from my father who has owned it for last 20 years. I look forward to learning from everyone and having a great time with this car!