1. jshot

    looking for gauges (white)

    looking for white gauges to fit in the standard console and pillar GN pods boost oil pres water temp possibly knock
  2. Boston Bulldog


    Hello all! I hope life is good and the turbos are spinning. I could use some help from anyone who can take just a minute to give their 2 cents on a digital dash set up. I can not say what company, but I am working closely with a company, helping them to set up a digital dash that will bolt right...
  3. V

    Autometer Digital gauges and some SBC intake, carburetor and misc. parts.

    I recently sold my other project and freed up a bunch of parts, the oil pressure and water temperature gauges were purchased new from jegs on 4/28/16, I switched to the ones I removed from the car I sold. Prices are shipped unless otherwise noted. -SOLD Digital Sport-Comp 6327 Oil Pressure...
  4. B

    Tyler's 1985 T-Type Restomod

    Been racing Subarus for the last four years and wanted to get into something different. As a child of the 80s I've always loved g-bodies, so when the hunt began for a new car it took top spot on my list. Add to that my experience with FI on the subie platform and the itch had to be scratched...