1. J

    Hydroboost Conversion Questions

    Hey All, I'm about to start a Hydroboost Conversion on my 1987 GN and am looking for any of your opinions or suggestions on things I might have missed. I've worked my way through a lot of threads and posts, many 5, 10, or more years old and with outdated info, missing pics, and other issues...
  2. Rick the pool guy

    What hydro boost system do you recommend.

    Hey guys my powermaster decided to give up on me luckily it happened in my driveway. So I'm looking at 3 different hydroboost kit's 1st is from Kirban 2nd is from tallon hydraulic 3rd is from Matt sweetings (aka power brake service) so my question is which one would you buy ?
  3. M


    Has anybody used the hydroboost kit offered by Gbodyparts? What master cylinder did you use? Any feedback on the system would be appreciated.