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    Stock Radiator Fan with Support Bracket and 60# Injectors with Street Chip

    I have the stock fan along with the support bracket $35 price drop to $25 OBO. 60# TurboTweak Injectors with a v5.7 Turbo Tweak Street Chip - $125 price drop to $100 OBO. Chip was burned with the following parameters: 93 Octane Timing 20/18 degrees Boost 16 to 18 psi Max 6265 Precision Turbo...
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    Moran 235s injectors

    brand new never even been out of there fancy case all stickers and paper work that came with them included 1000.00 shipped Text is best 6144963306
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    009 Injectors (42 lbs) with different chips

    009 Injectors (42 lbs). Perfect condition. Just removed from my GN at RCG’s for bigger setup. These injectors have less than 300 miles on them and are guaranteed to be working perfectly. They come with 2 sets of chips tuned for 93 and 110 octane. $150
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    ECM modifications for low impedance injectors

    I have 5 sets to sell at this price. 125.00 shipped in the continental U.S. contact me for shipping info to elsewhere.... I mod your ECM: You send it, I mod it and return it to you. Please pick a decent ECM, make sure it runs correctly and does not have corrosion in the main plug. Clean...
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    80lb Siemens, 6.1 TT chip, and matching Innovate LC-1 wideband

    80lb Siemens injectors from TurboTweak. Matched. 6.1 TT alky chip and the Innovate LC-1 wideband to go with it. Package deal I'll sell for $400 shipped. PayPal is best
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    6 MSD 50# injectors with Jay Carter street and race chips $125 shipped.

    Just upgraded to 80# injectors w/Turbotweak chip and don't need these collecting dust. Matched set of 6 MSD 50# injectors along with a 93 octane street chip and a high timing 108 race chip Jay made me several years ago. Car ran mid-high 11's at Noble with a PT52 with these injectors. These...
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    HPI bosch gen 3 high impedance 96lb like new

    I have a set of 96lb high impedance hpi bosch gen 3 injectors for sale. these have dyno time on e85 they were a little small so I am going to upgrade to the hpi 120lb set. retail is $338.00 i'm asking $295.00 free shipping please call or text 219 588 5164 i'm not on here much so please...
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    Siemens Deka 3102 55# injector w/ TT5.7 chip, Power Plate and Injector Harness

    Siemens Deka 3102 55# injector w/ TT5.7 chip. One of them is sticky, checked resistance and they all check out at 2.9 Ohms (specs is 3 Ohms) $120 shipped SOLD Stock Plenum Power Plate $30 SOLD Injector Harness $20 shipped SOLD IAC solenoid $20 Autometer Boost Gauge $65 shipped
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    Please remove

    Making 1 ad for everything. I made a couple mistakes. I am not a vendor, nor do I want to become one. I do not have more than one of any item I have for sale. I had a project, it is no longer going to happen. I am trying to recover what money I can. There is no ill will here, no intent to scam...
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    30lb injectors and chip combo

    Just put in 60lb injectors and TT chip and found out that the previous owner had put newer 30lb injectors and chip combo. Injectors in nice condition, O rings not cracked or torn. Comes with 30# chip. All worked great and ran nicely before i pulled them out
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    Turbo Tweak 42lb injectors and 5.7 alky chip $200

    Have a mint set of 42lb High impedance injectors (stock ecm) and a 5.7 chip from Turbo Tweaks. Chip is burned for a Razor Alky single nozzle system, ta-49 turbo and 23 psi boost. Chip has higher timing for the alky system, so do not use this chip on a non alky car. Stock ported heads, stock TC...