1. V

    Autometer Digital gauges and some SBC intake, carburetor and misc. parts.

    I recently sold my other project and freed up a bunch of parts, the oil pressure and water temperature gauges were purchased new from jegs on 4/28/16, I switched to the ones I removed from the car I sold. Prices are shipped unless otherwise noted. -SOLD Digital Sport-Comp 6327 Oil Pressure...
  2. M

    Vortec? V6 Intake Manifold

    I'm looking for an intake for a 1996 Vortec? V6. This one is in a boat so it's a Merc with a cast iron 2 barrel intake on it that has been cracked. I can only guess that this engine is a mercruiser 4.3L. I know nothing about these at all but it has 4 vertical bolts down either side. Will...
  3. 87Limitedwo2

    WTB Tomka Cold Air Kit

    Folks, had a Tomka cold air kit on my last TR & it was great. Kirban used to sell these. I am looking to find one to put on my 87 GN. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks Justin 443-480-2779