1. I

    Need help please. 87 turbo limited

    Was bitten bye the bug years ago and unfortunately had to sell my GN. But I am finally getting back to it. I'm picking up my new to me 87 turbo regal limited coupe. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many of the 1035 made were white? Just curios. Thanks guys and look forward to good...
  2. etriebe

    1987 Limited T

    Hello Everyone..... It's time to part with my T. Love it to death but buying a caddy. $14,000 Bone stockish with reliability mods. Would drive anywhere. No wind noises 1987 Turbo Limited 2nd owner New Paint original color With hand painted black pinstripe Spool fool front and rear bumper...
  3. 8

    Roller Wanted .... WesternTN/WesternKY

    Well after all the work my 87 Limited Turbo is junk. wrecked it a month or so back, bent frame and roof has a buckle in it. So i'm looking for cheapest possible 84-87 roller to swap too. doesn't need to be much for the eyes. just as rust free as possible and good title. i have an extra complete...
  4. N


    I have a 1981 Buick Regal Limited N/A and I'm looking for a fuel line that goes from the mechanical fuel pump to the carburetor. Any suggestions to whether if I could manipulate an aftermarket fuel line or a where abouts to where I could get one from ? I need one ASAP please!