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    If your car is on jacks-

    I got a new GN and am cautious about letting anyone work on it. Can someone recommend a good mechanic in the Portland Oregon area that they trust?
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    Good SAN DIEGO gn mechanic

    Looking for a mechanic in SAN DIEGO, im looking to do a few things, valve springs, cam, turbo, injectors. Anybody in san diego have any good reviews for a shop in SD please chime in. **no oc/la/ie recommendations please i like to stay local Thanks
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    SoCal T-Type owner looking for a local guru!!

    Whats up everybody. Im a new T-type owner. Just got a low mileage all original, CLEEEAN 82 Buick Regal Sport/T-Type. Ive had imports my whole life. Subarus mainly. First American car ill be building.MURICA!!!!!! Anyways i have a couple questions regarding steps to make this car faster. First...
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    South Jersey/ Philadelphia turbo specialist?

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a mechanic in my area who specializes in these turbo regals. I've got a 1985 Regal T-Type that has a handful of issues I need to have fixed. I live in Collingswood, NJ right next to Philadelphia. The car suddenly stopped running while I was on the road. I was...