1. CoreyG

    86 from my old man, it's been sitting for 8+

    Hey everyone, new to the forum. I'm in no way a mechanic, and in a few months my dad's 86 GN will be in my garage after years of waiting. (no he's not dead, I needed my own garage) I also picked up the Buick 1986 mechanics manuals vol 1 and 2. What I'm looking for is help. All the help. What...
  2. gn87man

    New member from Fort Worth, Texas

    Hello everyone, I live in Fort Worth, TX. I just purchased my 3rd 87' Grand National. As far as mechanical knowledge of these cars, I would probably be considered a newbie as I always had a mechanic work on my past Grand Nationals. However, I want to become familiar with all aspects of...