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    14 bolt oil pan

    Looking for a 14 bolt oil pan for my 4.1 build, a pick up would be nice but I can buy that new anyway. Thanks
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    Cons to temporary oil psi gauge at top of turbo

    I just need a temporary gauge to get hot idle psi, ive installed a vdo mechanical direct mount gauge at a t fitting connected to feed line at top if turbo. Is it ok to mount it there? Will its location affect readings? I get 11 psi hot idle and 65+ WOT, need to know if this is accurate depending...
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    Brand new to the site, my first TR oil pressure troubles

    Hi, need some help, i picked up a white turbo t a couple weeks ago for my first car (im 17). Im not new to anything automotive but these turbo 231s are very diiferent than the sbc i worked on growing up. Anyways the car is clean and has a fully built motor 6k miles back. After driving it home 4...

    Big smoking problem from valve covers

    i have a issue that just happened about a hour ago. 86 grand national just did a tune up with Taylor 10.5mm wires and NGK v power ur45 plugs. What started this issue is before the tune up it was breaking up under boost like a bad miss. Gapped the new plugs at .25 from what I was told from a...