rear end

  1. TheYak

    87 GN rear end (is this still worth anything?)

    Hey guys! Interested in selling my 8.5 axle, messed it up while trying to convert to disc brakes (good mechanic/terrible fabricator) haha. I ended up going with a 9” setup from Quick Performance. Anyway, is anyone interested in this? 99k with good posi differential, no abnormal wear on...
  2. dank GN

    Rear end gearing

    im currently runing a stock set of 3:42 gears . From what I’ve read it’s prob the best gearing to have considering that these cars are low reving torque monsters. I’ve also read that 3:73 gears will make it seem faster but in realty you go slower in the 1/4 . I’m considering going the other way...
  3. T

    8.5 10 bolt gn rear axle, rebuilt, in michigan for sale, race ready! 1900

    Located in south east Michigan looking for a local sale or pick up by buyer. cash on pickup prefered Completely rebuilt by the Ring and Pinion Shop, no dissapointments Zero miles, READY TO RACE. just got it back from my builder, he has been doing this for 23 yrs Cant buy a used axle and do all...