1. P

    Looking for an 84' HA specialist for rebuild

    hey guys been off the site for a while after I had to shelf my 84' last year. I am now looking to take the care to a very qualified and knowledgeable person to get the motor and trans pulled and completely gone through, resealed, and taken back as close to factory as possible with any "must do"...
  2. grussem

    My restore project

    Okay ladies and gents here is my 87 GN. I'm in the process of restoring it. I'm getting it smogged today and hopefully it passes. There is some minor work here and there that needs to be done. I'm going to replace the headliner before I bring it in for paint. Also, I searched high and low...
  3. grussem

    Hello from Monterey County California

    Hello everyone. I have an 87 GN and have for about 5 years. Unfortunately due to circumstances at work it had to take a back burner to other things but I'm ready to get this thing running and looking like it should. I am going to document the restoration on YouTube. The car is not in too bad...