1. TheYak

    RJC boost controller

    Works great! 35 bucks, located in Navarre FL 32566
  2. T

    RJC Front Mount Intercooler

    I have this posted on another ad, but since my turbo sold I thought I would create this to give it a bump, plus I got some updated info about pipes. This is the RJC 325 bar and plate style intercooler. I can sell this a few different ways. All by itself (no pipes) I'll do $450+shipping probably...
  3. T

    Coated and Polished Precision 6766 JB and RJC 325 Front Mount

    Upgraded to a new setup so I'm selling my 6766 CEA billlet wheel and RJC 325 front mount (Bar and Plate style). I'm going with a 4 bolt set up with Jason's bigger 475 so I wouldn't sell otherwise. The pictures of the turbo are from when I installed it last year so it looks a tad less black now...
  4. cbar_tx

    Coilovers + Exhaust + n00b = Questions

    I'm usually able to find out what I need to know by using that magnifying glass box thingy but this particular setup doesn't appear to produce much results relevant to what I need to know before I fork over the $$$. I posted my question in the Ridetech install thread Scott posted but I'm ready...