Coated and Polished Precision 6766 JB and RJC 325 Front Mount


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Dec 11, 2009
Upgraded to a new setup so I'm selling my 6766 CEA billlet wheel and RJC 325 front mount (Bar and Plate style). I'm going with a 4 bolt set up with Jason's bigger 475 so I wouldn't sell otherwise. The pictures of the turbo are from when I installed it last year so it looks a tad less black now from the heat cycle, but car doesn't see street use really at all so miles are very limited. No shaft play or anything like that, like BRAND NEW. I've made a handful of passes including a 9.995@135.78 here in Utah's elevation so it's good for PLENTY of power.
-Turbo has the Black Ceramic coating from Precision on the Exhaust side and the Center section, plus it has a polished housing, this added $225 to the purchase price new. ($75 for the Exhaust, $75 for the Center,and $75 to polish) Looking for $900 plus shipping (Should be ~$75 to ship with insurance)
-When I switched to the fatter intercooler, I kept my pipes so you would have to buy new ones. I live about 45 min of RJC racing here in Utah so I could arrange to them shipped all together if you'd like, visually things would look perfect. Intercooler is in perfect shape, so this would be just like buying a new intercooler kit from Jason. Looking for $475 plus shipping (excluding pipes) I think i an intercooler kit is roughly $60 for shipping. Let me know if you have any questions, PayPal is best. If I don't respond in a reasonable time feel free to call or text me 801-557-6846 Thanks for looking!


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Interested in Turbo-what Exh housing is on it .63 or .85 ?

What Cover? Inlet /Outlet sizes?

How old is the Turbo? Was itt purchased direct from PTE?
This turbo has a ported S cover. 4" Inlet and 2.5" outlet to the intercooler, his has a .63 A/R housing. Early 2017, is when I started running this. I got it through Hartline
Very nice deal for a wicked turbo. I have the same one currently and this is a real deal for anyone looking for an excellent turbo.
If you don't mind me asking, what was your engine combo and boost level when you ran your 9.99 pass?

Thanks for the replies, turbo is sold. Patrick, I want to say around 24 lbs boost, ported champion aluminum heads, 218/212 roller cam.
Thanks for the replies, turbo is sold. Patrick, I want to say around 24 lbs boost, ported champion aluminum heads, 218/212 roller cam.

Perfect, shows I'm headed in the right direction with my combo.
I told a couple of friends about this post as well. Glad it sold, as that was an excellent deal.
Keep us posted on your progress.