1. trick86

    Turbocharger Precision Turbo 6766 SP .85 with HD Actuator

    Precision Turbo 6766. SP cover, .85 3 bolt hotside, rated at 935HP, used on a fresh engine for 2000kms, wastegate hole ported to 1.100" and blended. HD actuator included. One exhaust stud needs a die run over or the stud replaced-shiny stud in pics. Ships in a Precision Box then a second box...
  2. 8

    Turbo t electric problem

    Im not getting no spark or injecter pulse. i put 3 new crank sensors new coil new modcule new spark plug wires new computer box new chip 60 pound injectors new fuel pump. Fuel pump pressure 44 im Getting power to the module crank sensor and cam sensor getting pow to the computer all the fuses...
  3. M

    Oil leak repair advise - Verano turbo

    Hi Sorry if this is a repeat topic. I got an oil change and now have an oil leak. I assumed it was the filter or oil pan plug but see oil that appears to be coming from the turbo. I spoke to my mechanic and it is very pricey to replace. He hasn’t done one. Can someone point me in the right...
  4. J

    Thrasher TR Spotted...

  5. D

    Precision turbo 62/62

    I have a precision turbo I believe it's a 62/62 told from a reputable turbo Buick builder. Works great no shaft play. Only reason for selling is going to bigger Turbo. This is a water cooled turbo and will include the lines to hook up in the location mine was. Please make sure you look at...
  6. T

    Coated and Polished Precision 6766 JB and RJC 325 Front Mount

    Upgraded to a new setup so I'm selling my 6766 CEA billlet wheel and RJC 325 front mount (Bar and Plate style). I'm going with a 4 bolt set up with Jason's bigger 475 so I wouldn't sell otherwise. The pictures of the turbo are from when I installed it last year so it looks a tad less black now...
  7. S

    3.8 into a 78 malibu HELP

    just bought the malibu and i’ve had my t-type for a while, the body of the t-type is gaining rust by the day so im going to swap drivetrain so i can fully restore it. to any of you guys that did this swap already guide me in the motor mounts. is there a kit or custom fabbed? as far as the ecm im...
  8. ITSAV6

    PT6776 water cooled ball bearing turbo

    Bought this used from fellow member. Never installed it. My current turbo will cover my goals but I need upgrades like axles/fuel system upgrades. Still in Precision box/packing. 4" inlet and 2.5" outlet. $700 shipped paypal preffered +3% fees. Might do some partial trades with Moser axles for...
  9. M

    Having Turbo Issues... Am I the only one?

    Hello all, So today I was reflecting on my recent experiences as a newer turbo regal owner and thought I should share. I am having some serious issues here. Since the age of 15 I have owned gbody cars, and I am in love with the great body lines. I'm more of an Oldsmobile guy, but I like them...
  10. C

    Twin Turbo Small Block NEW/ NEVER RUN for sale

    Twin turbo small block racing engine for sale. It's never been fired or dynoed. Built and assembled by Scott Merkel. Complete Hogan sheet metal intake to oil pan. Brodix BD2000 symmetrical port cylinder heads. CNC ported. T&D rockers 321 stainless twin turbo headers with spd billet flanges...
  11. O

    Gauge cluster and trans dipstick

    I'm looking for a gauge cluster and trans dipstick for an 87 GN. Don't need the tube but understand if you don't wanna split them up. Let me know what you have and shipping to 19090.
  12. N

    1985 Buick Grand National for sale runs and drives

    1985 Buick Grand National Runs and Drives All stock -It has been repainted and the Paint is a little cloudy in some spots when your up close to the car so it could use a good buff -It has a little bubbling in a spot or two near the rear wheel well -Received all new brakes front and rear about...
  13. I

    Need help please. 87 turbo limited

    Was bitten bye the bug years ago and unfortunately had to sell my GN. But I am finally getting back to it. I'm picking up my new to me 87 turbo regal limited coupe. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many of the 1035 made were white? Just curios. Thanks guys and look forward to good...
  14. T

    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    Looking to buy a turbo buick. Dings, dents, scratches are not a problem. Preferably no rust. If it's modded great, but it will probably take it out of my price range. PCB Florida.
  15. 1

    1989 turbo Notchback Mustang 56,000 org. miles!

    ON EBAY Item # 112490468312 Last try and then I guess she will just set Wife and Son hate it do to no Air conditioning so doing the cruise thing has not worked out with it, And I have no time for racing right now. FOR SALE OR TRADE! 89 Mustang Notchback 56,000 original Miles ! No rust...
  16. S

    South Jersey/ Philadelphia turbo specialist?

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a mechanic in my area who specializes in these turbo regals. I've got a 1985 Regal T-Type that has a handful of issues I need to have fixed. I live in Collingswood, NJ right next to Philadelphia. The car suddenly stopped running while I was on the road. I was...
  17. W

    One Of a Kind Lingenfelter '86 Grand National

    Hey Guys, New to the forum here. I have been tasked with selling this GN that was built for Royal Purple Oils by Lingenfelter performance. The car is literally one of a kind, flawless inside, outside and underneath. The car was featured at SEMA as well as PowerNation TV along with Lingenfelter...
  18. G

    Engine wont crank over! need help ASAP

    Hello this is my first post and I am hoping to find some knowledgeable answer quick! It all started a couple days ago when i got GN parts in the mail. The next day i went to install them. I installed new fuel pump with the hot wire kit a fuel pressure regulator 42lbs fuel injectors and the turbo...
  19. T

    PT6262 waste gate hole?

    I know this has been ask before, but what size bore do I need in the waste gate hole on the turbo? It's running 25lbs and I have the boost control turned all the way down.. Thanks, James.
  20. L

    1985 Buick Grand National for sale $6500 obo

    Runs and drives great!!! Needs a cat for inspection. I am located in the st louis area. Dash has been replaced with aftermarket gauges, new 140 amp alternator installed and HIDs put in. A little rust but no major damage. Call or text at 573-321-0157.