1. gn87man

    Stock Rods and Stock Pistons and Stock Center Main Caps

    Stock Rods and Pistons in good condition - $100 plus shipping Stock Center Main Caps with bolts in good condition - $30 plus shipping Came out of a 60k mile motor I upgraded to all forged parts and billet center main caps
  2. B

    3.8 motor parts

    Update***** Hello all. My buick is gone (long sob story) and this is what's left of my project. I would prefer to sell all as a bundle, but I might be persuaded to sell pieces off. Parts were at a machine shop, blasted and checked. The crank snout was junk so I scrapped it. Here's what I...
  3. T

    Stroker kit wanted

    Looking for a stroker kit. I've looked at all the online kits from multiple vendors and thought I'd give a look on here for someone who is looking to get rid one. Only interested in a new kit not used. Or does anyone have experience with the kit on TR Customs with Scat rods, JE pistons ? anyone...
  4. T

    Stock Crank, Rods and Pistons

    Everything came out of a well running, non smoking motor. I wanted to do a full build so Rotating assembly no longer required! I'd say <20k miles on the whole assembly being I have a receipt of a new motor from 2004 from before I bought the car and I really haven't put many miles on it in the...