stage 2

  1. M

    Cam spec recommendations

    I’m currently building a Stage motor and wanting some cam spec recommendations. Here is the build combo so far. 153 stage 2 with 270+ci 10:1 compression GN1 ported aluminum heads Car will be street driven and will hit the track 1/2 dozen times a year.
  2. Billy Baker


    Up for sale is a pair of stage 2 Buick cylinder heads part # 25500031, ported by Dick Hickernell. These were run on my Father`s 1983-87 Regal Super Stock car. It held the National record for many years as well as an NHRA National event win. They have been on the shelf for several years, they...
  3. dank GN

    Titanium and inconel valves

    i have a question regarding the Ti valves in stage heads . I’m not quite sure why they wouldn’t work in turbo applications seeing that the melting point of Ti is higher then inconel . And the whole point of switching the valves is to better hold up to the high exsaust temperatures . According to...
  4. dank GN

    New custom exsaust valves

    Anyone need some new custom exhaust valves for stage 2 heads ? I have 6 that are 5.830 long and are a smidge under 1.600 . I know these where custom ordered for AJ Foyts buick Indy motor . $150 shipped
  5. dank GN

    2 piece buick valve covers

    I have 2 sets I will be keeping one of them as I have never seen anyone running these . I do have another set of the bottom sections just need to find the top section . I just paid $120 for the top section to make another complete setup . They clear the rockers and the bracket on the lower...
  6. dank GN

    Wanted a unicorn

    I'm looking for a unicorn that can fart rare buick stage 2 parts . Please let me know if you have one caged in your garage . Thank you
  7. dank GN

    Buick stage 2 press release packet

    Attach are the PDFs files of some interesting Buick stage stuff.
  8. W

    WTB External Oil System

    WTB, External Oil System with hoses and pan... would prefer one that I do not need to modify my cross member...