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    HVAC Vaccum Lines?

    Hello all. New to the forum here! So before i get into my problem, just want to introduce myself. I check this forum and website a lot and theres def a ton of awesome information and people here. Got a 1984 Buick Regal T Type that i have slowly been rebuilding from inside out. It has a carbed 4...
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    Vacuum brakes is this normal?

    Hi guys, I just converted to a vacuum brake system and I'm wondering if its normal to hear a pressurized air escaping noise when I depress the pedal? :confused: Edit: The air sound is very similar to that of an old bike tire pump. Like, psssshhhh. You can only hear it during the travel of the...
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    Vacuum brake setup

    $100 & Free shipping. Bought this from a member here, decided to go the hydro route.