HVAC Vaccum Lines?


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Apr 1, 2022
Hello all. New to the forum here! So before i get into my problem, just want to introduce myself. I check this forum and website a lot and theres def a ton of awesome information and people here. Got a 1984 Buick Regal T Type that i have slowly been rebuilding from inside out. It has a carbed 4 bolt main 350 that has been modified quite a bit ( the original turbo motor a long while back had blown ) The problem i am having here is i have no heat or AC other than vent and defrost. I have located several vacuum lines and a nipple on the twinkie style vacuum reservoir that has nothing connected. Blower motor also goes off when used on HIGH. I know this has to be a problem but i cant figure out where these lines go. I was wondering if there is a similar, or even the same setup vacuum wise on grand nationals/ttypes? Ill supply some pictures.

The vacuum hose with the red loom that is connected to the tank is a gray one, and the tannish one thats just hanging out there is just tucked away. Also, the nipple on the tank with nothing connected had a hard black line that also was just tucked away, so i took it off for now. Thanks in advance! If anybody wants to see any pictures of other areas or anything just let me know!


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