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    Seeking rebuild advice

    So I have 3.8l 231 V6 non turbo 87 regal, the engine has 187k+ on it. For engine oil pressure at 1600-2000 rpm’s it’s at around 20 psi on cruise. Idle is about 12 at 1000 rpms. But at stop lights when I’m in gear the pressure drops below 10 psi. I did the timing chain cover, I replaced the oil...
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    Thrasher TR Spotted...
  3. P

    HVAC Vaccum Lines?

    Hello all. New to the forum here! So before i get into my problem, just want to introduce myself. I check this forum and website a lot and theres def a ton of awesome information and people here. Got a 1984 Buick Regal T Type that i have slowly been rebuilding from inside out. It has a carbed 4...
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    Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned

    Selling my 1984 Buick T-Type Blue metallic with blue two tone interior. Car has been in the family since it left the showroom floor in Burlington, N.C. on August 28th, 1984. My grand mother purchased the car and drove it to and from the store for about 15 years. Total of 67k miles put on it...
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    ISO: #80 injectors

    Have a 2000 Regal GS that I’m slowly upgrading and looking for a cheap working set of #80 Siemens Deka ev1 injectors. Also if decently price a used E85 in tank pump kit and headers, down pipe and full 3” exhaust!! Please DM or can text (724) eight 0 two 2 zero 4 seven. Thanks!!
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    BNIB Poly motot mounts

    I have never installed, still brand new packaging from Gbody Parts. I am currently in the hospital and need to make a few bucks. 225.00 shipped to US. My PayPal is
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    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    Looking to buy a turbo buick. Dings, dents, scratches are not a problem. Preferably no rust. If it's modded great, but it will probably take it out of my price range. PCB Florida.
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    1985 Buick Grand National for sale $6500 obo

    Runs and drives great!!! Needs a cat for inspection. I am located in the st louis area. Dash has been replaced with aftermarket gauges, new 140 amp alternator installed and HIDs put in. A little rust but no major damage. Call or text at 573-321-0157.
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    Roller Wanted .... WesternTN/WesternKY

    Well after all the work my 87 Limited Turbo is junk. wrecked it a month or so back, bent frame and roof has a buckle in it. So i'm looking for cheapest possible 84-87 roller to swap too. doesn't need to be much for the eyes. just as rust free as possible and good title. i have an extra complete...