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    Build Sheet vin deciphering

    I have this build sheet for a grand national and I am wondering if I am able to come up with a vin with what is left of the sheet.
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    VIN original GNX ?

    Hey there. I am in the process of buying a GNX and want to make sure it is a real GNX, VIN 1G4GJ1178HP449020 GnX #296 I do not have a picture of the sticker. The car has all features a GNX has. Thanks and hello from Germany, Andreas
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    Possible re-vin

    I purchased an 87 GN about 9 months ago. The car was stolen in the past and the vin was removed and has a state issued vin. It has a clean title not rebuilt or total loss title. The vin is the original number issued by the manufacturer not a new number. I'm working with a a company that makes...
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    Getting a VIN tag made...success!

    Ok, I've owned this car for 4 years now, I know the history, in fact a well know member in the TB community owned this car for years before me so I know it doesn't have a tainted history. The VIN tag on the dash is gone, and the stickers are gone, the only hope was the engine stamp and the frame...