Possible re-vin


Import punisher.
Dec 26, 2012
I purchased an 87 GN about 9 months ago. The car was stolen in the past and the vin was removed and has a state issued vin. It has a clean title not rebuilt or total loss title. The vin is the original number issued by the manufacturer not a new number. I'm working with a a company that makes replica body and vin tags. He says state laws differ from state to state. He said as long as I have the title, registration and proof of the state issued number is the original number not new vin number he can do it legally. My problem is he's never made one for this particular vin. He ask for pictures of the dash, front and back of the vin plate. I've supplied the dash pic and found some good pics online of the front of the vin. Can anyone help me with a backside pic of the vin plate.
Sorry for being so long winded on this post but I wanted to give all the details since a lot of people get sketchy when it comes to this sort of thing. Just trying to restore this best I can. This is the link to the badge restoration company if you want to check it out. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.datatags.com
Can you send me a PM with the information on what you had to do to have the tags recreated. I have the exact same scenario going on.

Thanks a bunch.