'02 GS Nationals

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WHO IS GOING ?!?! I'd like to get a "convoy" driving down there...a line of TR/GN's makes my heart go THUMP. C'mon, it would make for some great pictures or video.

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Where and when???

Ill go if I can. Id like to get the bodywork done on the car and get it painted first if I can. If the cars ready, IM up for it!!! Ye ha!

I know theres some guys around the utica area with Gns & TRs too. Wonder if they'd be interested....
Me and a friend may be interested if you get something going. We're in NE Pennsylvania and could maybe meet up somewhere. Keep me posted:)
GS 'nats

Cool ! I met up with Eric from down in PA the other day to deliver his wheels to him and forgot to even ask him if he was interested. I think JASON is the closest member on this board to me...nobody else live nearby. hahaaaa....what's the deal with that? Anyone else live closer than JASON ???

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Im not sure, but I think Steve LoPiccolo still has his GN. He lives in Utica. I dont think he is on this board, but he is on the GN-Ttype members list. (last I checked anyway). The one time I saw that car of his was really sweet. He said its a 10 second car, and at the time he was considering a stage2 motor. Im pretty sure he said he knew a few guys with TRs. Hes sold a few in that area too.
I really dont know of anyone else, not in this area. Hey, this is upstate NY. You gotta have a 4x4 lifted with monster tires around here or you must be some kinda freak.. (IM a freak, so what,,)

Other than that, you got the guys in the western part of the state..buffalo, rochester, and their club.

yeah, i know Steve LoPiccolo pretty good. he came and looked at my silver T to buy as well. last time i talked to him he still had that "10 second capable" car. nice car when i saw it as well. i'm hoping Tanya has our baby boy kinda early so we can cruise on down to the 'nats. keep in touch ....

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Me and a buddy are headed down. I'm not sure when we're leaving (either Wednesday or Thursday). Which way do you guys go? I live right off of I-70 just south of Pittsburgh. I know a lot of people from eastern Pa go right through here.