03/09/02 @ E-Town: High Tech Imports vs. US Muscle

J Banning

Quench my thirst with C16
May 25, 2001
Import Survival Series #1 - High Tech Import vs. U.S. Muscle
Gates open 9AM. 1st Round -1PM.
Street muffled vehicles only.
Phone: 732.446.7800
Web: www.racewaypark.com

Anyone racing at E-Town next weekend? They're having an Import vs. Domestic bracket shootout. I won't have my Buick together by then, so I'm going to enter my Durango in the 16.00 & slower bracket(!). It's ran a best of 15.85 (not bad eh?). Hopefully I'll disapoint a bunch of the ricers. Look for a silver D with T-Type plate on the front.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure anyone who gets through the first round gets a trophy. Payouts are decent too.