11.5 sec G.N. for sale

My car might be for sale but I can't sell it for a dirt cheap price like I usally sell my parts. I'm thinking of purchasing a car from the mainland for a large sum of $$$$$ and shipping would be $2,000 in itself.
1987 Grand National 85,00 mi.
Conley's built engine 1,400 mi. balanced and blueprinted, Conley's ported heads with port matched manifold, 494 lift 276 duration cam, Conley's sheet metal plenum, Kenny Bell 70mm tb, ATR single shoot exhaust, ATR headers, Eastern Performance front mount intercooler, te63-1 turbo, race gate, 3" downpipe w/dump, remote oil filter w/turbo saver, deep oil pan, oil pre luber, 55lb injectors, Accel DFI, Jimmy's built trans, 9.5 Vigilante lock-up converter, external trans cooler, Hurst quarter stick shifter, aluminum drive shaft, safety loop, 3.73:1 Strange gears, Alburn pro series posi, Strange 30 spline steel axles, c-clip eliminators, LPW cover, South Side lowers, both air bags, Competition 90/10's & 50/50 shocks, poly bushings in front suspension, Morrison 8 point roll cage, Autometer gauges, S10 wheel cylinders, large soft brake shoes, Centerline rims 15x8.5 & 15x5.5, internal & external fuel pump hot wired, volt booster, fiberglass trunk, fiber hood, fiber front bumper, ATR ram air, Viper alarm, Hurst line lock, digital EGT. $11,800 obo.
Extra parts: G.N. hood, Champion aluminum GN-1 ported heads w/1.65 roller rockers, new rebuild kit for big shaft turbo, new Metco adjustable upper control arms, 28x10.5 Goodyear slicks, new fiberglass bumper fillers front & rear, 3.42:1 gears.
Call me @ 683-0522 or pg @ 574-8514. Thanks Les:)
Kenny Bill,
I really don't know if i'm going to buy the car yet:confused: I'll give you one hint a day: If you look at the shipping price of $2,000, you'll know it's from the east coast. Okay, two hints: It's a Buick:p :D :D :D How's the new head installation going?
Okay, you guys are breaking me down:rolleyes: The new price is $9,999 with everything except the gn-1's and metco's:D Kenne Bill, I think the new T/A heads will be out soon, I heard it flows more than the GN-1's. Hint for today: It's way faster than my car:p
You are very observant my friend but no! 10.80's are for old ladies!:eek: :D :D As far as Lubrant's car, it's not for sale anymore. Boy are you getting warm though:p
Hawaiian Oyster Spearer,
Your credit is always good with me:rolleyes:
I want it!!!!

Somebody please buy my parts? I want Les' car! Also for sale, '88 5.7 IROC, light front damage, have most parts to fix, no time. $1000/obo
I can't afford your car but are you willing to sell the hood and the fillers? If, how much?:cool: :cool: :cool:
That's a good price for your car Les! I wish I could buy it! Then I could be a part of the fast GN Gang! BTW how's your crewchief?