136,000 miles what should i do?


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I bought this car in the early 1990's with 30k on the clock. I have put over 100k myself. Good fun miles and nothing 2 stupid. I have all the basic upgrades, 3" down pipe, RJC plate, blue top injectors ( i know a little lite) 3 or 4 inch mass air pipe with 9 inch cone K @ N, Upgraded the valve springs and keeps) massive taylor spark plug wires, walbro pump install, adjustable fuel pressere, hot wire kit, bigger altanator, poly motor mounds, biggie oil fliter base, dutt neck on intercooler, ported the elbow, art car shift kit, adjustable waste gate and the turbo block off, different turbo bell, razors alky kit and turbo tweek chip, and any other basic upgrade that should have been done has probably been down.

Inside the car has a scan master 2.1, progessive alky controller, aftermarket boost guage, oil pressure guage, water temp guage and volt guage.

The main seal leaks a bit, front cover adds a few more leaks along with the kenne bell valve covers leaking a touch also.I notice the valve cover filters seem to drip alittle all after the get about 750 miles on them. Is the a better choice? Still running the factory turbo never been past the springs.

In the short tern the timing chain is my largest concern, followed buy the front cover, ream main and valve covers in that order. The valve cover bolts could be slightly stripped. I had a friend helping me and i think he just ran some 1/4 20 bolts don into the head. Whay is the correct bolt for valve covers so i can run a tap down and chase the threads and mark this off the list.

Car runs to good to just start a rebuild project now. I would like to put that 2 more years and 15 k more miles away.
Do the timing chain first.

Plenty of threads to choose from for install tips.

You can do the rear main at the same time by dropping the pan and installing the two piece rubberized seal instead of the factory rope one.

Again, plenty of threads to choose from on how to do that.

After that or even before I'd check the valve covers and make sure a tap goes in there properly, not sure of the size probably metric, 6mm perhaps.

That info. should also be available in a search.

Valve covers don't need much torque on them, the gasket does the work, cranking them down only bends the valve covers up.

After that you should have another 130K at least trouble free miles. :cool:
I had a non buick mechanic do my timing chain at the same mileage you have. 60 miles later my motor was knocking and I needed a rebuild. I don't know if he didn't get the oil pumping correctly or what.....but I would recommend you ONLY have a person who knows our cars do this job.