16" tire recommendations




I've been doing some research for some 16" tires for my GTA wheels and found a good deal on some Kumho 255/ 50/16 and 245/50/16 for $90 each. Has anyone ran these or recommend a good street tire?

I also ran across the Yokohama A032R which resembles a drag radial in 255/50/15. Anyone try these?
Do you want the ultimate "street" handling tire.... then the Yoko AO32R's are the ones. The BFG KD tires are awesome as well.... but pricier. Both are limited tread depth so expect under 10K miles from either.

I like the Nitto DR's (245/50/16). Handle well and hook like a mofo. 1.71 60ft times for me.... low 1.60's for others...!

Where did you see the AO32R's? Last time I looked for them they were discontinued.