17" wheels with black centers...

Boston GN

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May 24, 2001
I would like opinions from anyone on what wheels you think would look trick with black centers and polished lips on a GN. Criterea: must be 17" and not Simmons (already know what they look like).

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what would look killer?
I had some TTA wheels. I never liked black centers so I painted the centers silver. A vast improvement. Looked great! ;)

Can't see the wheels as well as I'd like, but they're black Fikse FM5's.
IMO, a good alternative would be to get some TT2's and have the centers powdercoated gloss black.
That's one of the ideas that I've been kicking around for mine.
WOW, those are nice. Look like FM10's to me. I was planning on a set of forged CCW's with black centers, but still $2000 or so.
You may have changed my mind now.

Those would look nice in front of a set of Baer brakes.