17x10 and 17x9 GNX Style Wheels

Are you interested in a set of 17x9 and 17x10 GNX Style Wheels with Buick Offsets?

  • Yes, I would definetly like to own a set

    Votes: 63 49.2%
  • No, I am not interested

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  • Yes but it depends on the price

    Votes: 61 47.7%

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Gentleman, I have been communicating with Bruce Hawkins from Hawks Motorsports about creating a set of 17" GNX style wheels for the Turbo Buick community. This means a set of wheels that have the correct offset for the front and rear of the Turbo Buicks.

I know that this has been up for discussion before but I have his full attention and he is ready to make it happen right now!!! A few of you have bought the wheel they currently make in 17x9. This wheel however does not fit the Buick without the use of a 1" spacer which is huge in order to make the a better offset.

Here is the idea, the set for the Turbo Buicks will be 17x9 in the front and 17x10 in the rear. As for the offset of these wheels, we are in the position to get it right once and for all!

So my question to all of you is, what would you like for a rear offset/back spacing and what would you like for a front wheel offset/backspacing.

Currently the plan is to aim for a rear backspacing of 4.5" which should allow us to fit the 10" wheel in the rear with no frame contact issue on a car that does not have the frame notched. The proposed tire size would be 285/40-17. This will give us an OD of 26" that is the same as an OEM tire.

For the front, the back spacing target is 4.5" and a tire size of 255/45-17 which also gives us a 26" OD.

As for price, there is not a number on the table but if you look at the wheels that Hawks currently produces, you can get an idea of what they may cost. Pretty reasonable for a set of 4.


Please comment with your thoughts, ideas and interest in this set of Buick wheels.

$3,400 ????? :-(
I received and email from GBodyparts that said they will have a set on display at the TurboBuick.com event. Can't wait to lay my eyes on a set. Leaning toward the 18x8 and 18x9 set. Now to start looking at 18" tire sizes.
I saw the GBodyparts 18 and 19 inch wheels and they look great. For those that wanted this wheel you will not be disappointed at all. The strange thing was I thought that a 19 was going to be too big looking but it actually looked great. I will still go with 18's tho. They have updated the website with back spacing details also. Just a few more weeks.
They were at the TurboBuick.com Nats. I really should have taken pics but I was too preoccupied with all of the items that I needed on the tables.
i wouldn't pay $3400 for wheels even if they were gold plated!!!

You should see the Forgelines the Pro-Touring people buy. They're $1900... each. Forgeline hands out $2000 gift certificates like candy at events, and people are always excited to win one until they realize it'll only buy them one wheel.