1961 Biscayne 348/4 speed/3.73 Posi Sale/Trade


Aug 26, 2009
1961 Biscayne 348/4 speed/Posi. Still registered with Original 1961 Washington Plate. Looking to sell or trade. Will consider all trades but, looking for an excellent paint 1987 GN preferably astro roof car with lower miles. Located in Tacoma,WA. $22,500 OBO! Photobucket link with 70+ pictures:


Engine runs excellent. Good oil pressure and runs cool. Has a nice lopey idle but, very streetable. I was told the engine/transmission/rear were all recently rebuilt and I have no reason to doubt that by the looks and sounds of things. It has a Pertronix conversion and new exhaust from the manifolds back. New radiator. I just changed the oil this past weekend and added a zinc additive. The rear is a 3.73 posi. The transmission shifts well but, has a three finger clutch that takes a little getting use to. It is a Muncie with Hurst competition plus linkage and is dated 1964/65. All the ball joints are new. Front and rear control arms were removed and rebuilt/painted/new bushings. New front and rear sway bars and end links. Car brakes and steers well. Front brakes are the bigger versions that came on V8 cars. ET III rear wheels with steelie fronts and redline radials.

Car has the majority of its original paint. I believed this when it was told to me as the areas that are chipped show red primer/bare steel. I took pictures of some of these areas. The car looks great from 5 feet but, it is original 54 year old paint. There are chips, two dings in the passenger door (I took pictures), and some small surface rust areas. I crawled all under the car and did find a little bit of rust under the driver side rear floor pan to the outer side. I didn't see this until I jacked the car up and took a look at it. I took pictures of that pan. All other pans including the trunk and inner rockers are rock solid. The trunk is rock solid and I have contemplated repainting it to make it look perfect as it would be an easy scuff and shoot. The front and rear valances have had their share of dings and rock chips and have been repainted at some point. Windshield is cracked. Both doors have a small 1 inch crack protruding from the vent window area. The interior paint is all original. Carpet and headliner are original. Seats have been redone and look good. Seat belts added. Factory radio and clock delete. Door panels redone long ago.

Overall this is a nice period correct driver. It really does run and drive well. All lights are working. Wipers and speedometer do not. Story I was told is the car was dealer converted and I somewhat believe that. Several older hot rodders in the area remember the car running at a few local dragstrips and street races. The posi sticker in the trunk, emblems, bigger brakes and a few other things make me believe it was done at the dealer.


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Nope 69 ss and a 70 ss numbers matching ls5 4 speed car.The 69 was originally a 375 horse 396 car now it has a 383 small block 10.5 tire car that will run mid 9's on spray,yanks front tires a foot in the air on street.