1965 Shelby going on sale for

There was a Superperformance cobra coupe with an race suspension and Aluminum 427 (instead of a 289) at the last Barrett Jackson and it had a tough time getting over $80K, which was probably 1/2 what it cost to build.

$15M, no thanks, when you could buy a better one you can actually drive for less than price of Viper.
Grumpy's selling his ragtop?:cool: :tongue:

nope ..thats a Shelby Daytona Coupe :eek: mine is just an old 66 Shelby Mustang convert :redface:
Cool car but what can ya do with it ?? I'd buy one of the "clone's" that Superperformance makes and beat the crap out of it . On second thought I wouldn't. I looked at a Facotry 5 one the other day.. IF ya ever got hit or crashed it would be "ugly" :p
Oh the dog is still kicking BUT has his good days an bad :redface: