1970 Buick GS 455- numbers matching- $21,000

Evans Ward

Love those LC2/ Y56 cars!
With some hesitation and long thought, I am placing my numbers matching 1970 Buick GS 455 up for sale. The VIN is: 446370G118XXX (I have Xed out the last three digits for security purposes. Should you not know how to decode the VIN, I will supply information that will help confirm this car is a factory 1970 GS455. The first digit “4” stands for the division which indicates Buick. The second and third digits refer to the series in which the “46” on my car denotes the GS455 model. Forth and fifth digits refer to the body code “37” which denotes 2 door hardtop coupe. Sixth digit refers to the model year “0” = 1970. Seventh digit is the assembly plant code with “G” being Framington, MA. The last 6 digits are the sequential production number. The data plate on my car reads:
ST 70 44637 39592 BDY
TR 185 58 H PNT

The engine block code SR is visible between the number 5 and 7 cylinder head area close to the spark plugs. SR is the correct 455/ 350 HP engine code for the 1970 Buick GS455. I have also visualized and verified the sequential production code that matches the VIN on the engine block underneath the power steering bracket on the front driver’s side of block. Some Framingham built 1970 GS cars had the engine stamp in this location. It verifies and confirms a matching numbers car. It is also a December (12B9) 1969 build date so the car has the pointed gauge lenses and other things associated with an early built ’70 GS car.

I purchased this car in 1998 from a fellow GSCA club member in South Carolina. It was a solid, restored car but needed some TLC on many uncompleted small projects. Over the past ten years, I have come very close to putting this car back to its factory original condition. I have the car mechanically and electrically sound with everything in good working order.
The car drives and runs smoothly and is very reliable. It idles smoothly, drives nicely. All gauges and equipment on the car work as it should. This car has never been raced or abused. I would not hesitate to drive this car anywhere (or distance) in its present condition. This car has won awards in local shows (only shown twice and placed both times) and has always been stored/ garaged and used sparingly by the owner. An added bonus is that I have the original factory broadcast sheet (laminated for protection) which verifies the history and confirms the options and original equipment that the car came with. Car was sold new at Steffy Buick in Ephrata, PA.

Mileage presently shows 126,773 on the odometer. I would describe this car as a very nice reliable driver, a strong runner, and an authentic GS455 that could be used and driven with pride. This car was 1 of 5189 GS coupes built in the 1970 model year and 1 of 5013 built with the automatic TH400 transmission. It has never been raced or abused. I have put 23,000 miles on it total over the last 11 years.


 Factory original color Harvest Gold exterior paint (code 58 and 1 of 549 of that year in this exterior color) and factory gold full vinyl top. (Code H and 1 of 378 hardtop GS models produced) Very few rock chips, no dents on the body, just a few paint bubbles just behind the rear vinyl top molding. Re: few paint bubbles, I removed the top and trim molding to clean areas/ treated with POR15, then touching up. Overall, the paint job is very nice with a repaint years ago at no expense sparred in lacquer
 Straight body with no damage
 Very nice chrome on the car all the way around
 Correct GS grille with nice correct stainless trim (all intact)
 PO5 Code 14 X 7 Buick rally wheels with BFG Radial TA tires, correct 1970 GS center caps
 Correct date coded tinted windshield/ glass, windshield antennae
 Recessed windshield wipers


 Correct Pearl White bucket seats and interior. One small hole on driver’s side bucket but no major tears throughout the interior.
 Original working AM-FM radio with front and rear speakers
 Factory gauge package including in dash tach
 Power windows
 Power Disc Brakes
 Tilt sport steering wheel (steering wheel not original to car)
 Long console with floor shifter
 Air conditioning (all working including compressor but system needs a charge)
 Functional rear window defogger
 Remote control driver mirror
 Map light rear view mirror
 Carpet savers (black vinyl with tri-shield emblems)
 Aftermarket auxillary triple gauge set (Sunpro/ mechanical) clamped (no holes) under the dash (oil pressure, coolant temp, and voltage)
 Original 1970 spare rally wheel and tire that came with the car
 Factory Buick tissue dispenser

Engine/ Powertrain

 Original and numbers matching engine block/ SR code (27,000 miles since engine rebuild)
 Poston 112A camshaft (mild-similar to Stage 1 cam), new lifters, adjustable pushrods
 Reworked heads (3 angle cut) with Stage 1 larger valves
 Original Quadrajet carb (John Osbourne prepped)
 MSD6A ignition module (hidden in windshield cowl), Stinger coil/ pick up, properly set up Crane adjustable vacuum advance unit, Taylor plug wires
 Modine 4 core radiator
 Correct stock exhaust manifolds, stock cast iron intake manifold, original ram air filter assembly
 Correct BA code and original (matching) TH-400 transmission. Has the variable pitch/ switch pitch conversion with 1800 low stall/ 3000 high stall converter (toggle mounted under dash when desired to switch from low/ high stall) Deep capacity trans pan with drain plug
 Rebuilt and plated power brake booster
 10 bolt 8.5 single track rear end (Olds unit) with 3.08 gearing. (Correct 70 GS 8.2 rear will go with car)
 F41 rallye ride pack
 New shocks (KYB)
 Dual exhaust with “H” crossover pipe
 Non-original brake master cylinder on car (1971 type) but original round style master cylinder will go with car (needs rebuild)

I have it currently insured through Hagerty with an appraisal/ agreed value of $26,500. I have priced this GS455 fairly at $21,000. No other offers or trades. If someone is really interested, I may be able to include a few spare parts to sweeten the deal. I also have a clear and free title to this car. Selling to simplify and scale back to maintaining just one Buick along with other interests. I really haven’t used the car very much in recent years so it’s time for it go to a new home, owner, and caretaker. There are several members here that can vouch for the car with condition stated. I have also had it at the Reynolds, GA Buick musclecar event each year since that event has been around. I would be glad to answer any questions for any interested parties. Please send me a private message here off this site and I can supply to you my contact information. I also have many pictures I could send to interested parties.


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251 views and nary a comment. :confused: If you are close, come see it and drive it. I know the economy isn't where it needs to be, but I have the car priced very fairly. Very few of these come up on the market and when they do, they're usually major project cars. This one can be enjoyed as it is. Won't give it away so it might sit where it is. :cool:
It is a VERY nice car, better than Evans describes it. If he does something to it he does it right or doesn't do it. No disappointments!:)
Thanks for the compliment Doug! Yes, it's a nice one for sure. I do have one possible interested party and this may be what he has been looking for based on a recent phone conversation. If anyone is sitting on the fence on this one, bottom dollar I will take is $20,500 PLUS a GS parts cache worth about $1800 (very conservatively guesstimated).
Don't suppose you would take a WH1 with a curse in trade would ya? Love that color combo!
Don't suppose you would take a WH1 with a curse in trade would ya? Love that color combo!

If I didn't need to use the funds to purchase the better half a newer vehicle (daily driver), that would be tempting... I also got a PM with a couple other trade vehicles/ offer that set my wheels to turning momentarily. ;) Need to sell it outright, it's off to Auto Trader Classics this weekend for national exposure at that level. Sure was hoping that the car could stay with a Buick enthusiast. :rolleyes: Can't be many for sale in this condition at this price.

Ty- thanks for the compliment too! :smile:
New price of $20,000
Large parts cache will no longer be a bonus though..... :redface:
Here's your chance to own a nice original, authentic '70 Buick GS455. Would love to see it stay in the hands of another Buick enthusiast. :)
Very nice car.The market sucks right now.Get a loan for a new daily driver. they are giving good deals on new cars. Then pork the gs back in the garage for a few more years.Dont give it away.Good luck
The only thing I got to say is-BA BOING BOING BOING! That car is SWEET! If I ever find a GS I can afford it's going in the garage:cool:
Stand up guy

Let me take a quick moment and say that I have seen this car in person and have known Evans for several years. This car is every bit as nice as Evans describes it, and he is incredibly attentive to even a slightest squeek - fixing it immediately. This is an incredible deal, as most everyone can see, but as mentioned - it is not a great time for such a sell.

I am sure that whomever buys this car - they will be completely satisfied with it.

Good luck to you Evans, but like I said before - I hope it does not go...

Thank you beamer for the kind words! I had the honor (and fun) of going with Mike when he purchased his first Turbo Buick a couple of yrs ago. He now knows the allure and addiction of BOOST!

Yesterday was incredibly busy fielding calls and emails about the GS! I didn't sit and rest until after 9:30 p.m. last night. Ads on Racing Junk and especially Auto Trader Classics cranked it up! I have 3-4 very serious potential buyers right now and expect one of them to place a deposit for sale within days. It WILL sell for what I am asking and is worth every bit of that. I'll miss it I'm sure, but will still have my Turbo Regal and a host of motorcycles too to occupy my performance fix! ;)
lowered price

FINAL price reduction to $19,000 FIRM. A LOT of car for the $ and priced to move/ sell. Performs flawlessly!
You're killing me....I want it and I'm broke...

Good loan rates right now from lending institutions! You are close enough to come by and see and drive the car for a day trip. Car will drive anywhere- very reliable. Lots of interest on it but only one real standing offer this far. Not alot of these around anymore in real nice shape- what you do see are major projects. This one is ready to enjoy as she sits. You would not be disappointed! :cool: :)