1978 Pontiac Trans Am


Mar 25, 2010
1978 Pontiac Trans Am. This is the real thing. It is an automatic with a 400 CI Pontiac and it has the Shaker Hood. It's all there. This car appears to be a survivor with only minimal work done over the years. Runs, drives and stops. $6000 is the price, that's what I have in it. Please don't waste my time if you don't have the $ for it or intend to buy it.

Body: Car has been painted and isn't a great job. To be nice it needs stripped and repainted. It shows ok as is and has some patina if you like that sort of thing. The doors open and close properly with no hinge sag that's common with these cars. The rear frame rails are 100% solid with NO rust. I fixed the back of the drivers 1/4 with an aftermarket patch panel, body work still needs done but the metal work is welded solid and done right. I also fixed the tail panel behind the rear bumper, metal work done, needs body work done. There is some rust behind the right rear wheel that I have not gotten to. I have a patch panel for this but don't think its bad enough to need it. There may be some rust under the back glass but I see no holes looking through the trunk. The rockers are 100% solid. Will need some body work to the bottom of the right fender. I fixed 2 small holes in the drivers floor. The rest of the floor and the trunk are solid and incredibly nice. It need both right side fender flares. The left ones are decent. I have 2 used rear spoiler ends that are very nice that go with the car.

Engine/Engine Bay: This looks mostly untouched save for replacement parts. It appears to have had a reman alternator put on it at some time. I replaced the power steering pump and glass beaded the brackets and painted it while it was apart. I also replaced the brake master cylinder. The AC belt is missing. It appears to have had a fuel pump in the past. I replaced the heater core and the heater hoses. No coolant leaks are apparent. It starts fine, runs decent and fairly smooth. I have not had it out on the road.

Interior: The headliner has been done but is not the original style material although it looks nice. The plastic panels will need re-colored and I have Dupont Vinyl paint to go with the car that should be enough to do what's needed. The dash pad is near perfect. The console is very nice. I replaced the shifter bezel, the console lid and the storage box. Needs carpet and at least the drivers seat fixed. I have a used drivers arm rest in blue but its faded and will need re-colored. Needs a right arm rest. It does not have a radio in it but I do have the radio trim bezel and knobs. Steering column is tight. Gauges appear to work properly expect for the fuel level gauge (erratic).

Chassis/Suspension: All stock/original. I replaced the rear brakes. It stops like it should. I can find no loose parts on the suspension. Car sits level as I can tell.

Wheels/Tires: It has 3 of the honeycomb wheels on it (not original to this car). It has 1 of the original Pontiac rallys on the car and the other 3 are here and will go with the car.

This car will need trailered to its new home. It will drive on a truck/trailer without issue. I have no "road experience" with this car which is why I say this.

There aren't many of these left that are as solid and original as this car. It is a survivor but also a project.

I have a fresh Pontiac 400 and a good set of high performance factory heads (also done) that could go with this car for an additional price but are NOT included in the auction.

Additional Parts that Are Included: Used left armrest, OE battery hold down, use Hooker SuperComp Headers (nice), 3 remaining Pontiac Rallys. Left & right used rear spoiler ends.