1980 buick century turbo coupe for sale


1980 Turbo Century
Oct 23, 2010
Hello I have a 1980 Century Tubo Coupe for sale.It is white and black with a red interior.In the last 3 years I have done the following:paint-car was completely dissasembled exept for the drivetrain, dash, windshield.Carpet.Seats recovered.Rear package tray recovered.Headliner.Shocks and any worn suspension parts.Brand new BF Goodrich tires.Plus many smaller items have been repaired or replaced.Pant is not perfect but it also has never been buffed out yet.I have many spare parts including interior,electrical,glass,sheetmetal-fenders, domed hood,bumpers,taillights,just basicaly boxes of parts.Engine runs ok but smokes on start up and could use a overhaul but it still has the original motor and turbo.i have the car documented from GM of Canada and it is one of 49 sold in Canada that year,20 were white.I have the broadcast sheet it was under the drivers seat.I have most of the recipts exept for the paint that was a under the table deal ($3500)Ialso put on new weather stipping although the one around the drivers window split.And most of the exaust is new but there is a leak.Car still needs work but I have about $10000 into it and I will take $4900I am getting divorced and have lost storage and need the money.Any questions or for some pics email me or call 1 403 382 0956.Thanks Dave.PS:FLOORS AND FRAME ARE EXELLENT AND THE TRUNK HAS ORIGINAL SPARE AND JACK.